“From the very first day of our official launch on June 24, 2022, we are a firm believer in our brand idea – Love is not in the AIR, Love is in the Stars. Thanks to all the massive 150K Downloads within 108 hours of launching, which inspires us to move forward. We believe, we have invested a good amount of time to execute the idea into the perfect storytelling through our perfect cast. Here the credit goes to our internal team including Board Members, Management Team, Our Employees and all the Stakeholders. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t have been possible without our external Team who made this execution sharp and relevant to our Brand Idea.”

Mr. Paribesh Koirala, Founder & CEO, AsroPod – Made in Stars

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App link – https://bit.ly/astropod-tvc

Credentials :

  • Branding & Creative Agency: M.A.D Consultant Pvt. Ltd
  • Lyric: Abhilasha Subba
  • Actors: Rubishka Shrestha, Bibek Khadka
  • Supporting Actors: Yutin Tamang, Sandeep Lohani, Amshu Sharma, Suzyan Silwal, Sangita Tamang
  • Voiceover Trainer: Sulakchayan Bharti
  • Artist Management: Srijana Adhikari
  • Production Manager: Ajaya Upadhyay
  • Production company: A Team Media
  • Cinematographer: Shyam Tamang
  • Editing,Graphics & Animation: Roses Shrestha, Kreate Media
  • Photography: Bikash Parajuli
  • Shooting Venue Courtesy: Food Court City Center
  • Direction: Shekhar Raj Kashaju
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