MyPay proudly presents to you an evolutionary story in a revolutionary way.

This video shows evolution of transaction from barter system all the way to Digital Wallet, while also showcasing evolution in two characters’ chemistry.The main idea seems to introduce MyPay as the next generation wallet focused on easy transactions.

With Jazz production’s top-notch execution and the Brand Ambassador’s perfect representation of characters, witnessing the entire storyline is quite the experience.

Here is the Video:

Detail Credits

  • Brand : My Pay
  • Agency : Brand Digital Logic Private Limited
  • Production : Jazz Productions Private Limited
  • CGI: Qurien Animation Studio
  • Cast:Swastima Khadka , Nirajan Pradhan
  • Director : Aneel Neupane
  • Executive Producer / Production Designer : Punam Shakya
  • DOP: Srijan Prajapati
  • VFX Supervisor: Nayan Shrestha
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