KFC Nepal releases its local Video commercial for it’s new product KFC Popcorn Nachos

KFC Nepal has been serving a variety of chicken items around the capital city and beyond. It recently launched a new product in collaboration with Doritos naming the product KFC Popcorn Nachos which blended crunch and spice with a twist to follow. The product was launched at KFC Franchises all around the world.

To promote this product of KFC, Feat international came out with an unique preposition which KFC Nepal approved and together they decided to take on a path never done before in Nepal by the company; their first short commercial advertisement which came out this week. They wanted to give it a local touch by making it a non-celebrity advert. This way, it truly helps an ordinary man resonate with the product and connect the story to their daily life.

The video shows a husband getting a call from his wife who is inquiring about the lunch she sent to her husband. The husband instead is enjoying the KFC Popcorn Nachos but pretending to enjoy the lunch his wife sent. The story gets a “twist” as per the USP when the wife catches him red-handed enjoying the KFC Popcorn Nachos.

This initiative from KFC Nepal will certainly open up the avenues of making a robust connection with the audience/customers by showcasing local insight to launch the international product though generic faces as protagonists to convey their communications or creative.

Here is the Video


  • Agency: Feat International
  • CSO: Kanishka Dasgupta
  • Creative lead: Pranay Kamal
  • Director: Manish Adhikari
  • CS: Mayanka Niraula & Ajal Tuladhar
  • Production lead: Samosh Ghimire
  • Production: Feat International
  • Script: Saras Sharma Adhikari
  • Graphics: Anil Karki
  • Client: KFC Nepal – Devyani International Nepal Pvt.Ltd.
  • Actors: Sulakshyan Bharati & Srijana Adhikari
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