By: Manindra Shrestha

Following my previous article “Not Trying to Explain Brand“, there arises two questions:

1) What is the use of that SINGLE WORD that you have extracted? And,

2) how do you use it?

From my experience, the purpose of finding that one word is to build your BRAND around it, which is called BRANDING. Let me break it down further:

What is the use of BRANDING?

The single word which you have extracted for your brand simplifies the otherwise complicated idea of the brand. The short, crisp word is enough to communicate your idea to consumers/customers and it assists you to be articulate in explaining your brand to everyone invested in the brand like shareholders, directors and employees, including your distribution channel.

Before starting the communication process with your consumers, the team behind the brand must agree on the idea, own it and get ready to deliver. If I were to give you an analogy here as I did in the previous article it would be more like convincing your family for your marriage before you convince your would-be family-in-law.

How to use BRANDING?

The brand idea is supposed to be implemented in internal as well as external communications. When I say external communication, it largely revolves around marketing communication tools and the brand idea should flow through five consumer touch-points which are, the brand promise, story, innovation, purchase moment and consumer experience.

Here, the most common error of brand owners and brand managers is their ignorance towards the communication process which flows from internal to external, not the other way around. The communication of brand idea should start within departments like how it can be instilled in HR Hiring, Financial Strategy, Legal Boundary and overall Management process.

The understanding and implementation of internal and external communication are more like knowing the difference between brand idea and advertising slogan. For example, Nike‘s slogan “Just do it!” is their marketing and advertising campaign but “Nike helps you to push beyond your limitation” is their strategic brand idea which helps to guide their R&D team for future innovation, for HR team to hire for retail outlets and for the brand to create an ideal consumer experience too.

The bottom-line is that the single word you come up with to describe your brand should be imbibed within internal and external communication. BRANDING is beyond just equating with a logo, design, or advertising placement. BRANDING means to pack your whole idea into a tiny SEED and nurturing it into a full-grown tree in a challenging environment.

Manindra Shrestha

Founder & CEO

M.A.D Consultant Pvt. Ltd

The author is a professional Brand Consultant who wants to extract the brand from his experiential knowledge

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