By: Manindra Shrestha

“Consumers buy BRANDS not your Product & Services”

That is a very popular one-liner in global Marketing & Advertising Fraternity. Most brand professionals don’t hesitate to agree on this. If you were to ask how to transform any product and services into BRAND, more than 80% will fumble with the answer. As I explained in my previous article “How to communicate a Brand Communicate Strategy?, roughly 20% will start with and work on the message part of the brand, i.e. what to say. Again, different professionals might take different approaches. My approach is to create an idea which represents the role of Brand in consumers’ life.

To create a unique brand idea which is own-able and motivational to your beloved consumer, we need to think across the different vertex, which I have learned in BRAND STAR. I would like to define and explain this theory by incorporating my previous experience from when I was working at Civil Homes as the Head of Sales & Marketing.

  • Societal Truth: In context to our society in Nepal, for most of us, may be more than 90%, building our own house is one of our primary and biggest dream. Due to economical Inflation, the task is easier said than done. One needs to consider not only the cost of land and construction but also the considerable amount of time it takes to complete the dream house. From this societal truth or consumer insight, it is pretty much obvious that an individual or a family puts major chunk of their income to build their dream house. If we literally translate the truth, in accordance with Nepali Society, it’s more like investing a lifetime’s earning or Jeevan Bhar Ko Kamai” to build a dream home.
  • Category Insight: This is a kind of study from which we extract the most obvious answers that is relevant to overall category of a brand. The study is not only about the particular brand, but about a general belief system of the people who might be interested in interacting or buying the brands that are available within the category. If we take example of housing industry, and have a study on that, a common revelation to why people want to own a house would be that they will find SHELTER, a safe haven for their family and to some extent financial, society stability. This is the category insight. In a Brand Star model, it is also called the semiotic truth.
  • Product Insight: When we ask our target group, customers or potential customers, what they are expecting when buying the product, the answer we receive is called Product Insight. The answer we received in regards with a research we did for Civil Homes was that people are investing lifetime earning to own the dream home that is bold and beautiful, which translates to “Sundar ra Baliyo” in Nepali.
  • Brand Insight: In Product Insight, we ask questions about the belief system of the brand in order to find the right answer. The people answerable to the questions are those who have envisioned and handled the brand. What the brand wants to build and deliver for their beloved customers is a good question to start with. However, the belief system cannot be finalized in isolation but has to complement the target market and must be able to harmonize with consumer insight or societal truth. The belief system and the brand insight of Civil Homes is “Building Luxurious Home”.
  • Brand Idea: Building a strategy is more like developing equation between the two belief systems and to extract the outcome as an idea. Consumer Insight + Brand Insight = Brand Idea. The application of this whole Brand Star model is to extract the core Brand Idea, which we have to carefully execute through marketing communication strategy. The very core Brand Idea of Civil Homes is “Luxury Made Affordable”.

As a passionate brand professional, getting into the systematic approach and implementing whole idea is obviously fulfilling. I really hope this approach will be helpful for my colleagues from the fraternity.

About Author

Manindra Shrestha

Founder & CEO , M.A.D Consultant Pvt. Ltd

The author is a professional Brand Consultant who wants to extract the brand from his experiential knowledge 

Credit: This article is based on my learning from my guru “Mr.Praveen Mukhia” which absolutely blew my mind. The whole complex approach can be simplified if you have understood it completely.

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