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Emily in Paris is a 10-episode series review from the perspective of a MARKETER. From each episode, I will try to extract my top 3 learnings. For those who haven’t watched the series yet, this is going to be a spoiler-filled segment, so go watch it before you start reading.

Episode 10 – Cancel Couture

The episode starts with the conversation between Emily and Mindy about to begin Paris Fashion Week. As Pierre Cadault himself is not showing any of his new designs, Emily shares her dilemma on how to promote him on the show if she is not able to see his collection. But things get worse at the office — her boss Sylvie blames everything on Emily (please refer to Episode-9 Dress Donation Event Fiasco) and fires her.

Her colleague humors her that it’s almost impossible to fire someone in Paris because the paperwork takes so long. As per her colleagues’ advice, she confronts her boss and makes a compelling argument to continue handling clients until the paperwork is done.

The next day one of her colleagues hands over an invitation to her from the competitor brand “Grey Space”. She finds out that they have hijacked a venue that Pierre Cadult was planning to book for his event. During a meeting with Pierre he shows her his new design which is inspired by Emily and tells his people to find a new venue. Meanwhile, Emily sees an Instagram video of “Grey Space” that sparks an idea in her head. 

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The final event for me is entirely a climax of the marketing battle. As the Grey’s Show is about to start,  Pierre Cadault shows up in the venue in his entirely new funky avatar. All the heads including the media photographer turn to him. He enters in his signature t-shirt with the models strutting down a platform from the decorated truck. The models are wearing his new colorful and funky collections. He just steals the show. 

If I have to give a real-world marketing example, no matter how much Adidas officially spends to sponsor Olympic, Nike always manages to turn eyeballs with their communication strategy during the sports event.

In the end, everybody is celebrating a success party. My three cheers go to Emily who pulls out the successful counter publicity stunt for the client.

As a marketer my top 3 extractions from episode 10 are as follows:

  • Try to see the better side of every event, even when you are getting fired
  • If your competitor can do it, you can do it too. Turn the tide to your advantage.
  • Don’t be afraid to change as a brand. You need to be relevant today!

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