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Emily in Paris is a 10-episode series review from the perspective of a MARKETER. From each episode, I will try to extract my top 3 learnings. For those who haven’t watched the series yet, this is going to be a spoiler-filled segment, so go watch it before you start reading.

 ​​Episode 8 – Family Affair

With much hesitation Camile, Emily’s friend asked her at a lunch meeting if Savor would be interested in her family business of champagne, called Chateau. She was unsure if her small family business would be interesting for a big marketing firm like Savor. Emily quickly seizes the opportunity to visit Camile’s family vineyard on the weekend. Back at the office, she manages to convince her team for an official visit before they make any decision on handling Chateau as a client.

Through Emily, I too have had a chance to discover some interesting French insights on her visit to Camile’s place. Some of them are below:

  • Traditionally women are not supposed to touch the bottle at the dinner table. They would tap underneath the dinner table to call for more wine and the men would serve them.
  • French people do not like talking business at the dinner table.
  • Champagne coupes are designed to be sexier and are said to have been modeled after the left breast of the French Queen Marie Antoinette.

In conversation with Camile’s mother, the owner of the champagne brand, Emily comes to know the brand’s pain point. The brand has surplus production and without new buyers, the production goes into the drain. This is where Emily’s smart marketing mind works. She shows Camile’s mother her friend, Mindy’s party video where all of them are seen spraying champagne. She pitches the idea, “A bottle to sip and a bottle to spray.” She says to her, “You make the same amount whether they drink or not.” She proposes to call the brand the “Official Spray of Paris”. However, this leaves Camile’s mother a bit worried regarding her brand’s legacy. Emily quickly proposes a second label for the spray campaign and calls it “Champere”. At the end of the conversation, Emily manages to impress her new client and gets her to consider the brand idea.

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As a marketer, my top 3 extractions from the episode – 8 are as follows:

  1. Whether the brand is small or big, as a marketer, you should always have a passionate approach to contribute towards its growth.
  2. No matter how regular and common events you attend in everyday life, if you are smart you can turn the insights into a whole new business idea.
  3. An up and running brand always creates a brand legacy. The idea is not important but it is the execution that matters more.  

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