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Emily in Paris is a 10-episode series review from the perspective of a MARKETER. From each episode, I will try to extract my top 3 learnings. For those who haven’t watched the series yet, this is going to be a spoiler-filled segment, so go watch it before you start reading.

Episode 5 – Faux Amis

As the episode starts, Emily receives an invitation through her Instagram DM from Duree Cosmetics for their Influencer Lunch event. When she shares this with her colleague, she comes to find out that this was their firm’s previous client. As a smart marketer, she replied “Maybe I could influence the CMO to get back on board.”

At the event, she somehow manages to catch up with Olivia, CMO of Duree by showing her smart marketing skills among Influencers. Olivia too recognizes Emily as the one whose Vaga – Jeune (refer to the article Episode 2 – Masculin Feminin) Instagram post was retweeted by the CEO of the brand herself. Further in the conversation, Emily enquires, “What agency do you use?” to which Olivia replies, “Agencies are overpriced and antiquated. Now we use Influencers like you; THE FUTURE OF MARKETING.” Emily responds, “Actually I have a master’s in marketing, and I could do much more.” Before the CMO leaves she nails a lunch meeting for the next day.

The next morning at a client meeting at the office for “Hastens Bed”, Emily’s boss presents the idea of having two lovers spending the beautiful day on the Hastens Bed. The creative is presented in a window-shopping design billboard with the positioning idea “Life Portrait of Luxury”. The client responds, “I LIKE BUT NOT LOVE” because it’s more like seen before, “do you have any other idea?” On that, Emily presents her idea, “We only dream when we are in a deep sleep which transforms us into magical places and captures into artistic depiction like movies, art, music. But why should it be an only bedroom? The superior quality “Hasten Bed” allows us to dream our best dream, but why should it be only in the bedroom, and not under the stars? We should be falling asleep anywhere so we will ask people through social media “To come and sleep with us. By locating the bed in beautiful locations of the Paris city, allow them to sleep on the bed, click their picture and post on their social media with the real people, all thanks to Hasten.” The meeting room is left in silence and the client responds with a happy smile. The idea seems to be connected to her previous night’s experience while visiting the art gallery with her friends Camile and Gabriel.

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On meeting with Olivia at the next day’s lunch meeting Emily is proposed to endorse Duree. Emily immediately confesses that she took a bit of an unfair advantage on the previous day’s event and discloses that she is the Marketing Executive of her firm Savoir and requests Olivia to come back as a client. Olivia responded that she fired the agency because it’s expensive. She tries to persuade her but she doesn’t agree. Instead, Olivia asks her to be an influencer because Emily is under the influence of Paris.

Klara from the Hastens Bed asks Emily to kick-start the social media installation from her post. Her boss Sylvie grants her to use her Instagram handle but for their client only. She invites Camile first to see it as she was inspired by her line, “To sleep under the stars.”

As a Marketer, my top 3 extractions from Episode – 5:

1. Seize any opportunity to pitch an idea to an old client even if it is almost impossible to bring them back. This is called passion which will make you a successful marketer.

2. You can get inspired anywhere, anytime, and from anyone. You just need to have open ears and eyes.

3. Don’t forget to give the credit to the person from whom you have been inspired. It doesn’t make you a smart marketer but a better professional and a human being.

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