By: Manindra Shrestha

Despite having been involved in Sales & Marketing for more than a decade and a half, the word BRAND continues to fascinate me. Whether I see it on newspaper, TV, radio, internet, social media or overhear it in someone’s conversation, my brain immediately releases dopamine — the result of precisely being addicted to the word.

Yet, whenever somebody asks me what BRAND is, or in occasions where I have to explain it to somebody, I end of tongue-tied.  It is not an easy task because you are explaining something experiential. How can anyone even begin to explain the feeling of being caught on fire? Regardless of the hundreds of experiences you might have heard about it, it is a unique experience which is beyond explanation. So the definition of brand always depends on the person with whom I am talking to. My only constant effort is to make them understand the idea rather giving a holistic answer.

Nevertheless, I will try to extract technical explanation from my experience for your simplest understanding.

Being in Brand Marketing is a 24X7 job which requires dedication to the level of madness. It requires seeing the world from the consumer’s perspective, and diving into consumer insight, which, if I were to use an analogy is very lot like knowing exactly what your wife wants when she asks you to come home early — she may want you to help at home, maybe she wants to go out with you or something else….

In a nutshell, getting consumer insight requires your full attention; listening is key and then understanding. Finally, amalgamating it with your brand insight derives the formula of your brand Idea.

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Consumer Insight + Brand Insight = Brand Idea

For Example: APPLE

Consumer Insight = People want user-friendly technology

Brand Insight = Apple built such user-friendly technology that even a 5-year old kid can access easily

Brand Idea = Apple makes technology so simple that everybody can be part of future

Extracting from the Brand Idea, a Brand must be defined in ONE WORD, Apple = Simplicity

Similarly, other brands can be expressed in one word too

Rolex = Prestige,

Starbucks = Moments,

Harley Davidson = Freedom

The entire purpose of writing these 400 plus words is to help you deep-dive into your brand and find out one word which expresses it at the core. Let me know in the comment section about the name of your brand and that one equivalent word that sums it up.

The author is a professional Brand Consultant who wants to extract the Brand at a different level

Manindra Shrestha, Founder & CEO, M.A.D Consultant Pvt. Ltd

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