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As we prepare & learn to live together with this pandemic, a new normal is the new order we are adapting to very fast. But at the same time, brands will also have to evolve, adapt with the times to survive. These will be the biggest marketing challenges for brands as they need to build consumer’s trust and connect with their consumer at the emotional level. 

Nepal Life Insurance launched a new campaign revolving around trust, care and empathy, highlighting the Nepali roots and the very Nepali way of life. The film is produced stunningly encapsulating the country beautifully with slice of life depiction of people across the demographic. The film also has a pulsating jingle, which will help in bringing more emotional relationship with the audience. With this film, the brand will be able to further enrich its relationship with all the stakeholders. 

हामी छौ, पलपल तपाई सङ्ग …!आफू पनि बचौं, अरुलाई पनि बचाउआजै नेपाल लाइफमा जीवन बीमा गरौं हामी हौ नेपाल लाइफ !नेपाल लाइफ, किनकि जीवन अमूल्य छ…

Posted by Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited on Saturday, May 30, 2020

 “The new campaign is a sincere effort to show that we care for the community and the country as a whole” says Mr. Meghendra Prakash Giri, Head-Communications & Branding, Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd. 

“This campaign will bring the consumers closer and enhance the trust, comfort, security and deep connection that they have with Nepal Life. The commitment can be clearly seen in the campaign” Says Angad Basnet Chettri, Creative Head, Outreach Nepal.

The new campaign will help to elaborate their highly successful tagline – Kina Ki Jiwan Amulya Chha.

A campaign like this, during these challenging times, gives us a hope, that leading brands does look beyond business and reaches out to people by sharing their stories.

Cover Picture:Photo-by-Sandy-Millar-on-Unsplash

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