Here is a quick glimpse of behind the scene while shooting the TVC of Ncell App.

This fun-filled quirky ad was made by G21 Media and directed by Asif Shah and Asim Shah. The ad encourages and educates people about the added features that are presented in a catchy jingle-based ad filled with dance and youthfulness.

  • Camera: Hari Humagai
  • Edits: Sunil Shivabhakti
  • Vfx: Arjun Pokhrel
  • Colorist: Rajendra Moktan
  • Jingle Compose: Biraj Gautam
  • Singers: Biraj Gautam, Muskan Ranabhat, Megha Shrestha
  • Production Manager: Ram Timalsena
  • Production assistant: Samir Thapa
  • Stylish:Sujani Malla Thakuri
  • Director: Ashif Shah/Ashim Shah
  • Asst Director: Neepil Sharma
  • Agency: Pinstorm
  • Client: Ncell
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