Like most 90s kids, I grew up on instant noodles. Name any noodle brand from the late 90s and early 2000s and I have probably had it. As an adult, I don’t have the same level of affinity for noodles as I did as a kid, but I do enjoy an occasional soupy bowl or munch on it straight from the packet on an MSG-craving fit. Lately, a new breed of noodle brands has sprouted up in the market; most of them inspired by the Korean ramen (love the instant ones) that has penetrated the Nepali palate. Current Noodles Hot ‘n’ Spicy is one such brand.

I first tried it during lockdown upon our neighborhood storekeeper’s recommendation. The package clearly warns that the noodle is spicy. I took the warning seriously as my tolerance for spicy food is really low. I prepared it with two more packets of another famous instant noodle, used all its powerful condiments and regretted it instantly. I remember my lips and stomach burning as I consumed it and the painful experience that followed the morning after. I hadn’t dared go back to it until I decided to review the product for this column.

To be fair and to not base the article on past experience that I remembered little of, I purchased a packet of Current Noodles Hot ‘n’ Spicy and decided to risk the wellness of my stomach one more time.

Price: Rs. 50

What’s inside the packet?

A block of thinner than usual white noodle along with chicken seasoning, chilli pepper seasoning paste, and dried vegetables.

Preparation: Takes 5 to 10 mins. Since I wouldn’t have survived to write this review had I put in all the condiments as per the instruction, I went with all the dehydrated vegetables and just a quarter of both the chicken seasoning and the chilli pepper seasoning paste.

Taste test: It had promised to be hot and spicy, and it delivered; even with the tiny amount of chilli condiments I added, the noodle was fiery. Just after a few spoonfuls, I had lost the sensation around my lips and dared not go back for more. However, my main issue with the product isn’t that it is spicy, but rather that it is just spicy. The dish lacked any kind of flavor or depth in terms of body, besides being brutally hot. For a while I wondered how it would have turned out had I dumped everything in. Do I really want to find out? Not really.

I am aware that Current Noodles Hot ‘n’ Spicy is a hit with many people, and I applaud them for their spice tolerance. To me, however, this is rather fit to be fed as a punishment than for gastronomic pleasure.

Overall verdict: It has been a couple of hours since I tasted the product and a hellfire is slowly building up in my stomach. In all honesty, I am not looking forward to the next morning and I am definitely not trying the noodles again anytime soon.

Note: The brand also has another flavor out in the market called Current Hot ‘n’ Lemon Veggie Noodles.

Akriti Shilpakar loves to write, read, and eat. She also occasionally jots down her thoughts on the blog The Chip in my Brain 

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