My first introduction to Baklava was almost a decade ago on TLC (Travel & Living Channel). As Bobby Chin explored the streets of Damascus through his palate, one of the dishes that was fleetingly mentioned was the Baklava. Later, I would see, smell and taste the Ottoman dessert multiple times through the TV screen.

So, when I saw people on Instagram trying Taza Treats’ Baklava, I just had to get my hands and mouth on it too. It had been too long a wait anyway.

Price: Rs. 750 for Classic Baklava (small box). Rs. 100 delivery charge.

First look: It was delivered in a nice lokta paper box, with a peek-a-boo plastic window that revealed the Baklavas. Inside were 13 pieces of square-shaped Baklavas.

Taste test: I have been nurturing the dream of biting into a Baklava for years now. Every time anyone said the word, I could see it doused in all its glorious syrup, feel it crumble in my mouth, taste the sweetness of honey, the richness of butter, and flavors of nuts and spices. I know, I am crazy.

So, when I finally opened this miracle of a dish that had somehow found its way to me, the first thing I did was fill my lungs with its aroma. Weirdly enough, all I got was the familiar scent of sakkhar, instead of butter and nuts. The next obvious move was to taste it.

Now, you have to remember that I have been dreaming and redreaming this moment for the past decade or so. Hence, I may have built up this moment too much in my head. The first bite brought the heavenly sound of 40-odd filo dough crackling and crunching between my teeth. Next came a wave of sweet syrup — or that is what I expected. Sadly, what I got was sakkhar, again; this time it covered my mouth. I know Baklava is supposed to be super sweet, but this was over-the-top sweet. What broke my heart was the lack of flavor. If I wanted to taste sakkhar, I would have shoved a handful of it in my mouth years ago, rather than waiting for Baklava to be accessible in Kathmandu.

Finally, came the nuts, and it came too late and did too little to save me from the sensory overload of the sugar attack. I tasted no butter, the nuttiness was overshadowed by sakkhar’s taste and aroma, and I simply did not want to go back for another piece. I swear I just can’t move past the sakkhar.

Overall verdict: I have seen people and friends rave about Taza Treats’ Baklava on social media. The fact that the treat came right from a native gave me that extra boost of confidence to try it. Not to mention, the pictures on their Instagram account is drool-worthy. However, when it finally came to the tasting, it didn’t live up.

The night before I wrote this review, I contemplated perhaps tasting their other Baklavas too, but that would not be fair. I do intend to try out the other version sometime soon just to find out if they will all taste the same because I just have to know. I just refuse to believe that I cannot swoon over a Baklava and the hunt for the perfect one continues.

Note: You can DM Taza Treats (@tazatreats) to place your order for a box of Baklava. Full menu picture below.

Akriti Shilpakar loves to write, read, and eat. She also occasionally jots down her thoughts on the blog The Chip in my Brain 

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