I hate over-priced momos. I despise poorly filled momos. And I truly feel that momos that are stuffed with low-grade fillings are an abomination. Sadly, momos served at most restaurants meet at least one or all of the mentioned criteria. And so, most of us will resort to doing momo parties at home. Well, here is the catch — I hate spending hours on momo-making, only to eat a plateful. Thankfully, Yumms momo is the answer to most of my momo issues, if not all.

Yumms momo packet

Price: Rs 275 (20 pcs of buff/chicken momo) and Rs. 250 (20 pcs of Veg momo)

First look: The packaging is neat. Although identical, the filling type is easy to distinguish by the color on the package. Red is for buff, yellow is for chicken and green is for vegetables.

Inside, along with 20 pcs of momos, is a small bottle of red sauce and a packet of momo achar. The momo itself is of a weird, modak-design, contrary to the hand-made ones I am used to.

Yumms Momo

Preparation process: The packaging comes with the preparation instructions that asks you to thaw the frozen momo under running water and then cook it in the steamer for 15 minutes. I tried that with one of the packages only to find some of momos go mushy, like wet dough. Hence, I skipped the thawing process and cooked the momos while they were still frozen for about 20 minutes instead. I suggest you do the same.

Taste test: The momos came out with a smooth, shiny skin, piping hot, and intact. The chicken momo was hands-down my favorite. It was well-seasoned, meaty and had just enough juice inside to create a small explosion in your mouth — always welcomed. I also tried it with the red chilli sauce. To call the sauce fiery would be an understatement. Those who are sensitive to spicy food should tread with caution.

I really enjoyed the buff momos too. Nothing beats a good buff momo and this was it. Surprisingly, the vegetable momos were a treat too. I have had good vegetable momos in restaurants before but ordering one is almost always like playing Russian roulette. With Yumms vegetable momo, I now know it is always going to be a safe bet. It was stuffed with paneer, beans, cabbage and whatever goes into making a delicious vegetable momo. It was exciting to see the colorful fillings through the smooth, thin dough skin before I had even bit into it and that is always a good sign.

Once I was done tasting all of the momos, I also found enough energy to make soup out of the tomato achar as per the instruction on the packaging. It is a thoughtful addition, but I can honestly do without it. If you do decide to make it at home, season it well.

Overall verdict: I got a plate of decent, generously filled, delicious momos in the comfort of my house, in less than 30 minutes at just Rs. 138. It is all win!

Photo courtesy: Ashit Shakya.

Video Courtesy: Akriti Shilpakar

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