Synopsis: If you are in search for some delectable Mediterranean cuisine, the search ends at Tahina Terrace in Kathmandu Marriott Hotel.

Located on the third floor of Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Tahina Terrace may be a great spot to just unwind after a long day. Summer evenings invite a cool breeze, and on a clear day, the sprawling valley below and the surrounding hilltops and mountains are a treat to look at. What’s better is that the terrace restaurant also serves an excellent line of Middle Eastern food. We popped in last week to sample some dishes from their menu.

The presentation: First, I feasted my eyes. Every plate was impeccable. While they may not have been brimming with artistic flair, each element on every plate popped out, looked fresh, and together made a great ensemble.

Taste test: We sampled a little bit of everything on the menu. There were a few things from the cold mezze list and a couple from the grill.

  • Lamb Chops: The protein had a nice sear on either side and was cooked to perfection. I did feel the meat could use some seasoning as I had to reach out for the saltshaker on the table. Besides that, the meat itself was tender and falling off the bones. The little fat on it lifted the dish’s overall taste and texture. Complemented with some thick fries, grilled vegetables and a fresh salad, it made for a nice filling meal. I would go for this dish on their menu any day.
  • Salmon: A nice portion of pink, pan-seared salmon, rested on a bed of mushy green peas, accompanied by a thick hollandaise sauce, is a perfect spring dinner. The marinated salmon had its crispy skin intact which added spark to the overall dish. However, the star was definitely in the sauce. The richness of the butter and the slight acidity of the lemon really livened up the flavors on the plate. Honestly, I could spoon that hollandaise over most meals and it would make things better.
  • Cold Mezze: We tasted Labneh, Falafel, and Spinach Fatayer from the cold mezze category. Falafel was crispy on the outside, and light and airy on the inside — a perfect mezze to share. The Spinach Fatayer were nice crispy pockets of dough, stuffed with a mix of spinach, tomato, onion, olive oil, sumac powder, lemon salt. Baked in Tahina’s clay tandoor oven, the triangular pies are wonderful appetizers that many would find refreshing. For me, unfortunately, they were a bit too acidic. The Fattoush, a bright, colorful, Lebanese salad was fresh, crunchy and delicious.

Of the three, Labneh was definitely the show-stealer. Creamy and light, there is a reason why it is such a popular Middle Eastern dip. But if I could have my way, I would just keep going into the bowl, spoonful after spoonful for the deliciousness Tahina served; no bread required, no other mezze.

Price point:
As a hotel restaurant, the price point of every dish is definitely higher than most regular restaurants. However, do not let the price point steer you away from a visit. Drop-in for a date, a monthly family dinner, or just to catch up with friends to make the occasion that much more special.

Overall verdict:
If you like Middle Eastern cuisine or are planning to try it, Tahina is a good place to start. It is an idyllic setting for warm evenings or sunny winters complemented with great food and a good range of drinks to wash them down with.

Akriti Shilpakar loves to write, read, and eat. She also occasionally jots down her thoughts on the blog The Chip in my Brain 

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