By: Deependra Tandon

Many are rushing to signal and predict the death of traditional media just to earn the bragging rights of ‘see I told you so’. Though digital media is rapidly taking away the limelight and consumer time, traditional media is far from dead, especially in Nepal. The same happened when Television came in. All rushed to announce the death of print media. “Why would someone read the news the next day when you can immediately turn on your TV sets and watch it as it unfolds” were the arguments. Print media would not survive the television onslaught, they said. We all know that didn’t happen and Print Media is not only alive but came back stronger. Hence, it would be too early to signal the death of traditional media despite the onslaught of digital media.

Having said that, traditional media is definitely under huge pressure as consumers are spending more time on digital mediums be it for information, news, entertainment, or simply for connecting. The pandemic and subsequent ‘lockdowns’ and ‘work, study and shop-from-home’ have only added fuel to the shift and moved it into top gear. The transition is happening as we speak and traditional media needs to find ways to make itself more relevant to the discerning consumer.

Integration is the keyword for doing so. Rather than fighting the digital media, it makes sense to go ahead hand in hand.

The rules of marketing are changing. The buzzword is shifting from Communication to Engagement. The focus is on getting the consumer to talk to your brand and that is something that traditional media doesn’t allow very efficiently. The consumer is more fickle than ever and marketers have smaller windows of time to grab their attention. It’s no longer about advertising but about content.

Digital and traditional media don’t have to be an ‘either – or’ choice for marketers. In fact, most successful campaigns are the ones that have been able to synergize these mediums. With massive amounts of content on the digital platform – to be found and heard is a huge challenge. Many brands get lost in the maze and are never able to reach consumers. Traditional media campaigns are a great way to give light to your digital campaigns.

Many promising digital campaigns fail as they don’t get enough traction. Traditional media is a good way to create amplification for digital campaigns. Similarly, technology usage such as bar codes and QR codes could direct consumers directly to the online landing pages. AR and VR just expand those possibilities and can provide experiences that come close to reality for customers. And we all know experiences are important for selling.

Traditional media may be down but by no means out. In Nepal not using traditional media could isolate your brand and message from a large and important chunk of your audience.

It is important for campaigns to think across platforms and media. Agencies are not very good at doing that. A digital agency would suggest only digital solutions and even full-service agencies generally work with different strategies across different media. Having a single binding strategy for brands is important but not seen often enough.

The benefits of using different media for their strengths are huge if done in a manner that synergizes brand communication. It is believed that brand loyalty doubles if it can be experienced in multiple senses. Smart marketers will learn to complement mediums to create a richer brand experience for their consumers.

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